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Abuse Issues

Addiction Management

Anger Management


Conflict Resolution

Childhood Abuse Issues

Childhood Trauma

Communication Skills


Marriage Counselling


Pre-marital Counselling



Self-Esteem Issues

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Anger Management

It is my hope that clients will learn strategies to assist them in more effectively managing emotions of anger and the accompanying negative behaviours. Clients will explore and identify underlying causes of such emotions, as well as situational “triggers”. It is also my hope that clients will develop communication skills that will promote healthy interactions and successful resolutions of conflicts should they occur.


Through the process of exploring the possible causes of their feelings of depression, it is my hope that clients will discover that they do have the capability of addressing these issues. Clients will learn that they do have choices in how they view specific situations, and that they have choices in how they respond to challenges in their lives. Clients will benefit from learning communication skills that will encourage them to more effectively express needs and feelings to significant people in their lives. Moreover, it is my hope that as clients come to greater self-awareness, they will develop a kinder and more gentle acceptance of Self.

Eating Disorders

It is my hope that individual therapy will benefit clients who may currently be participating in community-based support groups and group therapy, giving them the opportunity to explore in more depth the underlying issues related to their challenges with food. Clients will benefit from exploring relationship issues with significant people in their lives. They will learn to identify inner and situational triggers that may have resulted in harmful patterns and choices in the past. They will benefit from identifying negative and debilitating thought patterns, and will develop self-affirming beliefs to move them to greater confidence and self-acceptance.


My hope for clients facing challenges with addictions is that they will develop an openness and willingness to explore the underlying issues related to the addictive behaviours. Clients will benefit from looking at childhood factors and relationships issues, both past and present. Clients will identify any limiting and self-defeating beliefs which may have contributed to harmful and alienating behaviours. Clients will learn to replace negative thought and behaviour patterns with self-affirming thoughts and behaviours. They will also explore and create support systems. It is my hope that clients will develop greater self acceptance and kindness to Self.

Family Therapy

My hope for clients who are experiencing challenges in their family relationships is that they will create greater understanding and acceptance of one another. Clients will build healthy communication skills that will assist them in resolving current issues, as well as preventing future conflicts from occurring. It is my hope that each family member will develop a willingness to accept the uniqueness of the other members in the family, as well as a willingness to listen and understand one another. Through this process of learning how to come together with openness, each person will be affirmed that he/she matters and has a voice in the family.


It is my hope that through the process of exploring personal and relationship issues, clients will develop a greater self-awareness and understanding of theirpotential and capabilities. Clients will identify any limiting beliefs and thought patterns that may have blocked them from attaining goals in their personal relationships and/or professional lives. Clients will also address and work on any unhealed past experiences of emotional and/or physical trauma that may be negatively affecting their lives today. Clients will benefit from building effective communication skills to promote healthy relationships. It is my hope that through this process, clients will develop a strong acceptance of Self and see the possibilities of how to be fully themselves in every aspect of their lives.

Anxiety and Stress

In therapy sessions clients will benefit from exploring the causes and contributing factors underlying the feelings of anxiety they are experiencing. Clients will identify stressors in their lives and identify how these stressors are effecting their emotional and physical well-being. They will learn strategies and skills to more effectively manage stress and anxiety, and learn to change their emotional reactions to stressful situations. It is my hope that clients will discover the capabilities that exist within themselves to create the peace and calm they wish to attain in their lives.


In an environment of safety and respect, it is my hope that each person will develop a greater self-awareness and a sincere willingness to change. Couples will learn to listen to and understand the feelings and needs of their partner, as well as to communicate their own more effectively. Couples will identify the repetitive negative patterns in their relationship that create distress and alienate one from the other. Each person will also explore negative thought and behaviour patterns within themselves, and relevant past issues that may be contributing to their difficulties. It is my hope that couples will discover that they do have the capability to build a healthy, fulfilling relationship.