Client Comments

“Just know you are very good at bringing clarity to my emotions and my life experiences. I am truly grateful.”
— M.J.

“… our therapist’s genuine desire to help my wife and I, also being fair to both parties, never taking one side or the other … our therapist’s ability to stay focused toward the root of the problems … her calm and gentle demeanour, a non-threatening atmosphere and her understanding of the situation and knowledge and ability of how to help us and guide us in the right direction.  This being my first experience seeking professional counselling and therapy, and although at first I was a bit intimidated, ‘male-ego-thing’, the therapy saved my marriage.  It was a positive experience in my life.  Thank you, Annette.” 

- B.

“Annette has helped us both as a couple and individually.  We want you to know we would not still be married without her help.  Annette has helped us to repair a totally broken down marriage.  We think her counselling abilities are by far the BEST, and she pairs that with respect, kindness, and understanding.  She is a warm human being with much wisdom to offer.  We would both highly recommend Annette.” 

- M. & C.

“I want to thank you for sharing yourself with me.  I value your wisdom, appreciate your kind words and feel very grateful to know you.  Your gift of caring is exceptional.  You are exceptional.  Thank you for everything.” 

- J.

“When I first walked through your door last year, I was lost and had no hope.  I could not say or think anything positive about myself, and I was scared.  Many times I wanted to cancel coming to you; but in the end I kept working one day at a time.  I see now (as you helped me to accept) that I do have value, I do matter, and I do deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.  I am grateful for your trust in me, and for your belief that I had the strength in me to work through the challenges in my own life.  You showed me tools and coached me, and you believed in me, Annette.  Words cannot express my gratitude.”  

- A.C.