In Partnership With You!

As a Coach and Therapist…

Annette provides a safe environment of acceptance and encouragement to allow clients to achieve their goals at a pace they determine.

Annette’s Commitment …

is to assist clients to recognize and accept their self-worth, and to learn specific tools for accomplishing personal goals.

Her Approach …

focuses on developing skills and attaining solutions.


Annette Kasahara

B.A., M.Ed. Clinical PsychologY Registered Clinical Counsellor


Areas of Specialization

Abuse Issues; Anger Management; Anxiety/Depression; Addiction Management; Childhood Trauma; Communication Skills; Conflict Resolution; Grief/Loss; Parenting; Relationships & Marriage Counselling; Self-Discovery/Acceptance; Self-Esteem Issues


“The true journey for all of us may be the journey of self-acceptance.”

— Annette

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Client Comments

“When I first walked through your door last year, I was lost and had no hope…"