In Partnership With You!


When Annette was 7 years old in Grade 2, she was busy drawing an animal.  She was shy, still unfamiliar with the whole school environment; but she was serious and focused, wanting to do her best.  The teacher came to her desk and asked what animal she was drawing.  Big eyes looking up, she quietly said, “A horse.”  The teacher laughed and said, “That’s not a horse, maybe you should do something else.” 

This is a small sample of the virus at work, the virus that instills doubt in our minds: “Am I enough?”  A brilliant young man with whom Annette worked several years ago was struggling deeply with childhood pain and serious addictions.  After some silence he asked, “So, is this really all about self-acceptance?”

The true journey for all of us may be the journey of self-acceptance.  We are just at different points along this path, and every once in a while we have the privilege of encouraging and coaching one another.

“So, is this really all about self-acceptance?”

Growing, learning and healing occur in an environment of safety and trust.  In such an environment a partnership emerges in which clients learn to identify unhealthy behaviours and thought patterns that have blocked them from attaining their desired goals. Clients discover their strengths and potential. They develop a greater understanding of self.  Kindness grows.  Clients begin to learn and to integrate into their lives new skills and more effective ways of being themselves in both their personal and professional lives.

As a coach, facilitator and therapist, Annette works along side in partnership with you.